Ray Golarz is a keynote speaker whose humorous and heartwarming anecdotes, insights, and knowledge help deliver a message that is sorely-needed and enthusiastically received by his audiences. Whether his listeners are educators, parents, or community members, he inspires and challenges while he reaffirms their dignity, their value, and their work. During his career he has taught at the K-12 and university levels. He has been a successful superintendent, recognized especially for his pioneering work in implementing site-based shared decision-making. As a consultant, Ray Golarz has been asked to guide superintendents, school boards, administrators, teachers, community leaders, and parents in the U.S. and Canada relating to a large range of educational issues, including participatory governance and transformational leadership. Publications are listed in the publication section of this web site. Experienced, entertaining, and thoroughly informed, Ray Golarz is uniquely qualified to help your organization.

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